December 22, 2017  

GRH News Release

GRH declares influenza outbreak in Rehab and Complex Continuing Care units at Freeport Campus

Grand River Hospital has declared an outbreak of Influenza A on the second and third floors of its Union Terrace at Freeport Campus. Two patients on each unit have symptoms consistent with influenza, including new onset of cough, sore throat, muscle aches and/or fever.

GRH has taken several steps to help patients and keep the illness from spreading. These include:

  • Isolating patients with symptoms and postponing group activities;
  • Aggressive cleaning throughout the unit; and
  • Limiting visitors to the unit until further notice.

GRH will review the status of the outbreak on an ongoing basis. A unit must be free of new cases for five days before an outbreak can be lifted in consultation with Region of Waterloo Public Health.

Colds, influenza and stomach viruses can be more difficult for hospitalized patients than the general public. Anyone going to a hospital to visit should do so only when they’re feeling well, while washing and sanitizing their hands regularly before, during and after a visit.

Potential visitors with symptoms of a cold, influenza or a stomach virus are advised to stay home and not enter a hospital until they’ve been free of symptoms for two days. This precaution will help reduce the chance of passing an infection to seriously-ill patients.


For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Condick, Communications Officer

Office: (519) 749-4300 extension 2986

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