Health Quality Ontario Releases Annual Report Card: Measuring Up 2016

In October, Health Quality Ontario released Measuring Up, an annual report focused on key health system performance indicators. The report highlights both LHIN and provincial performance from 2014-2015 across 25 indicators.

Since the launch of the Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care, Ontario has made more progress in all four priority areas: increasing access, connecting services, informing patients and protecting our health care system. The report highlights areas where our local health system is performing exceptionally well;

  • Residents are getting the care they need following surgery to recover and return home healthy (ranked #1 provincially).
  • Residents who need palliative care are able to die in a place of their choosing because they are receiving the care and support they need at home, in the community or at the hospital (ranked #2 provincially).
  • Residents who need long-term care are being admitted into long-term care homes sooner from their own home or from hospital (ranked #3 provincially).

Measuring Up also illustrates specific areas where further improvements need to be made to ensure better care for patients. We know we can do more to improve the patient experience.

More patients need to be able to see their primary care provider or a specialist within seven days of being hospitalized for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Some of the work completed this past year should improve these metrics, including working with local primary care providers and others to develop a local strategy to improve the supports available to primary care. We’ve also invested in community respiratory therapists so that residents are able to get care and support without having to go to the emergency department.

Too many people in Waterloo Wellington return to the hospital for further care following medical treatment. We’re working to improve this by creating better connections and communication between hospital staff and primary care through technology solutions that will send real-time information from the hospital so that primary care providers will know that their patient will need follow-up support within seven days. We’re also investigating new care models that will bring primary care providers into the hospital team to better support patients and ensure timely follow-up care.

We know that timely access to psychiatry is an issue for many residents who have been hospitalized. Care teams are working to reshape resources so that more support and treatment is available through primary care and that complex and intensive treatment is better coordinated and integrated.

We’re also working with the CCAC to develop strategies that will ensure that patients with complex needs get the care they need quickly. This work includes changes to processes and working with patients to schedule services around their needs and availability.

So many improvements have already been made locally to provide patient-centred, timely care. Thank you to all of the health professionals across Waterloo Wellington who make this happen every day. As we move forward with celebrating these achievements in care and services, we will continue to focus on health system improvements with our partners that will ensure that residents receive high-quality care locally to deliver the best health outcomes.

To read the full 2016 Measuring Up report click here