Reaching Out & Finding Help: Kourtney’s Story 

here247 provides light in the darkKourtney was in crisis. She hid herself in the girl’s washroom at her high school. Eight months of bullying was taking its toll. Now she was sitting in the stall thinking about taking her life. 

She had already made a few attempts to commit suicide before. Her wrists showed the faint evidence of her previous attempts.  

Sitting alone in the bathroom stall, she made a decision to seek help. 

Not knowing where else to turn, Kourtney reached out to the guidance counsellor at her school. 

One look at Kourtney and her counsellor, Randall, knew he needed to get her help right away. It was a matter of life or death. 

Randall knew of the Here 24/7 service and with Kourtney in his office, he placed the call.  

“When I talked with Kourtney I knew I had very little time to act to save this young girl’s life. I called the number and it was answered right away. Kourtney and the service coordinator talked at length. Then the service coordinator followed up by coming to the school to help Kourtney get the supports she needed.”  

It became apparent in conversations with the service coordinator at Here 24/7 that depression from bullying was only one symptom of a larger mental health concern. Kourtney had turned to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism and became addicted to the prescription pain medication her mother used.  

Through her service coordinator, Kourtney was connected to an addictions counsellor who helped her manage her addiction. She also now has regular sessions with her guidance counsellor at school who is helping her cope with the bullying and to prepare for post-secondary studies.  

Today, Kourtney is feeling healthier and more like herself. She has, with help and support, begun to rebuild her young life. She knows she can always call Here 24/7 anytime she feels like she needs extra support.  

Kourtney: “The distress line was a true life saver. I will be forever grateful to everyone for helping me when I needed them.”


“Here 24/7 is saving lives. The program has transformed the way mental health and addictions services are accessed in Waterloo Wellington by providing a single point of access to those services.  Thanks to Here 24/7, those in crisis situations can now find the help they need with a single phone call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” 

-Bruce Lauckner, CEO, Waterloo Wellington LHIN

One Call: That’s all it takes for someone who is in crisis to get the help and supports they need when and where they need it.  

Working with any of the 12 partner agencies that provide services for addictions, mental health or crisis support in Waterloo Wellington, Here 24/7 is able to provide residents a coordinated and  collaborative approach to mental health and addictions services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – a first for Ontario. 

When a resident contacts Here 24/7, staff, trained to provide assessments, will match them with the service options available or will link them to services and supports within the community.  

For most services, staff have the ability to schedule appointments directly with each partner agency so the resident does not need to re-tell their story.

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