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Date Title
Sep 07, 2018 Fall from the “Top of the World”: A World Champion Firefighter’s Battle with PTSD
Aug 29, 2018 Honouring What’s Important to Mom – Patricia and Sheri’s story
Aug 22, 2018 Golfers with Dementia Continue to Enjoy the Game
Jun 28, 2018 Making a Move to Long-Term Care: A hard choice but the right choice for Ken and Liz
Jun 20, 2018 Charles' Story
Jun 14, 2018 Help Keep Karen Connected
May 25, 2018 The Gift of Life: Tarra’s Story
May 17, 2018 Improving the quality of life for patients with mobility challenges
May 04, 2018 ‘I want to die a good death: One family’s journey with Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
Mar 07, 2018 Investing in Guelph's most vulnerable residents: A supportive recovery room
Feb 28, 2018 Allan and Helen: A True Love Story
Feb 22, 2018 Getting Their Lives Back: A Mental Health Journey
Feb 16, 2018 Shannon’s journey with CCHS
Feb 01, 2018 Beverly’s Story: Living through trauma
Jan 29, 2018 Dorothea: The incredible gift of three more years
Nov 28, 2017 The Power of Partnership: Improving services for patients with COPD in Guelph
Oct 30, 2017 A Place to Call Home
Oct 24, 2017 Walking for Women in Ghana - and for Women in Health Care
Aug 15, 2017 Now Available: A Single Point of Access for Health Care Wait Times in Ontario
Apr 20, 2017 Audrey & Bill's Story: Caregiver Respite
Feb 08, 2017 Bringing a Little More Light and Reducing Stigma: Light Therapy in Public Libraries
Feb 06, 2017 Natasha’s Story: Self-care is a Life Journey
Jan 25, 2017 Using Technology to Connect More Caregivers to the Support They Need, Close to Home
Dec 19, 2016 Brenda's Story: Respite and Adult Day Programs in Waterloo Wellington Support Residents and Allow Caregivers to Participate in Life
Nov 17, 2016 Katharine’s Story: Falls Prevention is Key to Staying Independent
Nov 03, 2016 Health Quality Ontario Releases Annual Report Card: Measuring Up 2016
Nov 03, 2016 Primary Care Providers Come Together to Advance Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
Oct 07, 2016 Meet Julie, a Nurse Practitioner Who is Improving Access to Primary Care for Long-term Care Residents
Oct 01, 2016 Celebrating National Seniors’ Day with Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More
Jun 07, 2016 Increasing Quality of Life for More Waterloo Wellington Seniors Through Community Support Connections
Apr 11, 2016 Glen’s Story
Dec 09, 2015 Rami’s Story: Light at the end of the tunnel for new Canadians
Dec 09, 2015 Addressing Gaps in Health Care to Build Equity – and a Safe Space
Dec 09, 2015 Malek’s Story: From Isolation to Hope
Dec 02, 2015 Improving Health Communication: Karl's Story
Oct 30, 2015 Maria’s Story: Getting Diabetes Fit
Oct 28, 2015 Louis' Story: Maintaining Independence
Oct 16, 2015 Minh's Story: Communication and Culture in Health Care
Oct 05, 2015 Barb's Story: I Don’t Want Your Coin, I Want Change
Sep 04, 2015 Reaching Out & Finding Help: Kourtney's Story
Sep 04, 2015 Regaining Independence: Noreen’s Story
Sep 01, 2015 Police and Mental Health Working Together: Luke’s Story
Sep 01, 2015 WWLHIN Marks September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by Celebrating Care Close to Home: Meet Ashton
Aug 31, 2015 Primary Care Innovation: Anji’s Story
Aug 31, 2015 More Than Health Care: John’s Story
Aug 26, 2015 Palliative Care: Karen’s story
Jun 08, 2015 A Couple’s Journey Through the Stroke Rehab Pathway
Jun 08, 2015 Meet Toby Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Traverse Independence
Jun 03, 2015 What is the Connectivity Model and Where Did It Come From?
May 12, 2015 Meet Veronica Strauss: President of the CSC Board
May 04, 2015 Sandy's Story: CMHA, Community Based Eating Disorder Counseling
Apr 27, 2015 Meet Tana Nash: Executive Director of the Waterloo Regional Suicide Prevention Council
Apr 20, 2015 Joseph’s Story: You Can’t Heal Until You Start Talking
Apr 08, 2015 New Advance Care Planning Program Improves Coordinated End-of-life Care
Mar 30, 2015 Meet Joy Finney: A Passion for Building Healthy Communities
Mar 13, 2015 St. Mary’s General Hospital Celebrates Successful Geriatric Medically Complex Clinic Pilot
Feb 19, 2015 Patient has Lots of Heart for Remote Pacemaker Program
Feb 02, 2015 Meet Julie Weir, Stroke Navigator, Grand River Hospital: Eyes on the System
Jan 22, 2015 From the Manufacturing-line to the Front-line: Unique Partnership Enhancing Community Care
Jan 07, 2015 Meet Jennifer Gillies
Dec 18, 2014 Coping with Grief: It Never Hurts to Seek Help
Dec 15, 2014 Meet David Thornley: Executive Director, Guelph Community Health Centre
Nov 25, 2014 Meeting the Needs of Patients with Mobility Challenges
Nov 24, 2014 Hope-Courage-Strength
Nov 21, 2014 Innovative Adult-Day Programs Giving a Voice to Individuals with Early Onset Dementia
Nov 13, 2014 A Passion for Diabetes Care
Oct 28, 2014 Meet Jennifer Breaton
Oct 08, 2014 From Resistance to Persistence to Success!
Oct 02, 2014 A Client/Health Guide Collaboration to Ensure Access and Follow Through
Sep 29, 2014 Meet Angelo Innocente, Local Resident: It Pays to Listen to Your Heart