2016-17 Strategic Priorities

IHSP 2016-19Every three years, LHINs across Ontario are required to create an Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) to guide health system planning in their community. This three-year plan outlines what we will achieve over the next three years and how we will get there. 

To develop the plan, we look at data, trends and speak with residents, care providers and health care leadership, among many others. With the 2016-2019 IHSP plan complete, we then build an annual business plan that includes the specific work and priorities for each year that will help get us there. Below are the objectives and priorities outlined in our 2016-2017 Annual Business Plan(ABP). It’s important to understand that this is not just our plan – it’s everyone’s plan – and through partnership with out health service providers, residents and community leaders, we will deliver on it to improve the health and well-being of everyone in Waterloo Wellington. As we continue this work, we will provide updates on our progress. 

2016-17 Strategic Priorities

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2016-17 Annual Business Plan Summary

Annual Business Plan Summary 2016-17

Each year, we prepare an Annual Business Plan that outlines the specific initiatives being implemented across the health system to achieve the objectives laid out in the IHSP. The Annual Business Plan Summary summarizes the key elements of the overall Annual Business Plan into help better inform our health service providers, residents and other stakeholders, and to continue to ensure focus on the priorities identified by our community. Specific targets and status updates are published and updated regularly on our website, and utilized frequently at our networks and councils.

ABP Summary 2016-17 English / French 

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