Better Health-Better Futures: The Local Integrated Health Service Plan for Our Community, 2013-2016

Our Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) is our plan to achieve our mission, of leading a high quality, integrated health system for our residents.

We've come a long way, and there is more work to be done - indeed, as needs continue to evolve and change, there always will be. But change for the better is happening - and that means better health and better futures for the residents of Waterloo Wellington. Thank you to our residents for helping us understand the changes needed and for sharing stories of how our progress has improved the lives of your families, friends, and neighbours across Waterloo Wellington. Let us know what you think of our plan (linked below, with the environmental scan that informed the plan) at:

IHSP: 2013- 2016

Environmental Scan - English PDF

Analyse contextuelle commune - PDF en français

This Environmental Scan was prepared for use by all Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) as a key background paper for each LHIN’s third Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP). This directly contributes to an understanding of the status of many important health system attributes and allows for data comparisons between the LHINs.

Our Priority: Enhancing Your Access to Primary Care

Resident Story: Access to Primary Care in Waterloo Wellington

IHSP Better Health - Better Futures videos

Accelerating System Change in the Waterloo Wellington LHIN

Our Priority: Creating a More Seamless & Coordinated Healthcare Experience

Resident Story: Homecare in Waterloo Wellington

Our Priority: Leading a Quality Healthcare System Using Evidence-based Practice

Resident Story: Evidence-based practice & regional care helping residents in Waterloo Wellington