Strategic Priorities: 2015-2016

Three strategic priorities were identified in the 2013-16 Integrated Health Service Plan for Waterloo Wellington:

Our 12-month Annual Plan outlines the specific initiatives that networks and councils across the health system identified as necessary to achieve results for our residents in these three strategic priority areas. The initiatives reflect the outcomes of extensive engagement with residents, health service providers, and other stakeholders as well as provincial commitments. 

2015-16 Annual Plan

Annual Business Plan Summary 2015-16One of the things we have heard from health service providers and others is a desire for greater education and clarity on each year’s priorities throughout the period covered by the Integrated Health Service Plan. While most providers and a number of other stakeholders were involved in the creation of elements of the plan closely related to their work, not everyone would be aware of the aspects in which they were less involved.

This 2015-16 Annual Business Plan Summary summarizes the key elements of the overall Annual Business Plan to help better inform our health service providers, residents and other stakeholders, and to continue to ensure focus on the priorities identified by our community.

Specific targets and status are published and updated regularly on our website, and utilized frequently at our networks and councils. Data is often published at both the community and health service provider level allowing Boards of our health service providers to monitor progress, ensure appropriate interventions where improvements are necessary, and celebrate successes along the way. We welcome feedback on the information provided so that we can, over the coming year, continue to improve alignment and engagement in achieving system improvements for local residents.

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