Goals and Achievements

Acting in the best interest of our residents' health and well-being is the singular, core value of our organization. Our focus is on creating the right health system for residents, ensuring you have a better care experience, and making decisions that lead to better health and better value for your tax dollars.

We are deeply rooted in our region and have direct experience with the community we serve. Our children go to school together. We go to the same parks and libraries, and when we need medical care, we visit the same hospitals, doctors, and clinics.

We also regularly engage with local residents - whether that's with parents, caregivers, the homeless, and many others - to identify health needs and learn about improvements that can be made to better meet them. The feedback, along with input from the people who provide care in our community, informs this three-year plan and our annual plans to improve the health system.

We hear from residents that there are many good things about the care you receive. That frontline clinicians, staff and volunteers are highly skilled and really care about you and your well-being. We hear that new programs and services have made a real difference to you and your families.

We also hear frustration in not always knowing where to turn for help. You tell us it's difficult to navigate the system and that you sometimes have to wait longer for care because of gaps in communication and multiple handoffs.

We've made great progress, but more needs to be done - and the time to act is now. Our mission is to lead a high quality, integrated health system for our residents. And our Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) is our plan to do exactly that.

For more information, check out the current Integrated Health Service Plan and our strategic directions for 2017-2018, our Annual Business Plans, and Annual Reports.