One-Time Funding for the Transformation of Small and Rural Hospitals

This installment of Transformation Fund for small and rural hospitals is to build upon the previous goals and objectives of the funding and existing projects. The use of the funding must also support the Rural Health Implementation Plan and the Rural Wellington Health Links, which outlines the mission "enabling residents of Rural Wellington through efficient, responsive, high-quality services, to live optimal health". While only qualified hospitals may receive the funds, achievement of the transformation goals requires strong inter-facility and cross-sectoral relationships. 

Project Title 


LEAN Training and Support Continuing the LEAN in Rural Health Care Project Charter with NWHC partners to Transform Patient Care 
OCR Digital Scanning Scan previous Emergency Department Records of both NWHC and GMHC to support access to these records in Clinical Connect 
Antimicrobial Stewardship To support the antimicrobial stewardship initiative within the WHCA to promote best practice, meet WWLHIN mandate, and Accreditation Standards
Standardized Care Coordination by Leveraging Shared Electronic Tools Further develop an integrated Rural WHA Internet Strategy through the upgrading and investment in the network infrastructure