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Call for Applications - Caregiver Education and Training

The MOHLTC is accepting applications for training or education programs, or both, for informal caregivers in the home and community care sector in Ontario. 

The funding for caregiver training and education programs resulting from this Call for Applications is proposed to be $2M a year for two years and the accepted programs are intended to be funded from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2019. Funding may be adjusted for a variety of reasons prior to selecting successful programs or after selecting programs, based on appropriate notice. 

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If you have any questions please contact Blair Philippi, Manager, Performance, 519-748-2222, Ext. 3219  

Cataract Wait Time Guarantee

Capital Planning

Capital planning requires joint review by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the WWLHIN. Information on the process is detailed in the following reference documents:

For further information on capital planning, call the WWLHIN office at 519.650.4472.

Diabetes Educational Programs

Senior Friendly Care

The Regional Geriatric Program (RGP) of Toronto has developed a Senior Friendly Care (sfCare) Getting Started Toolkit. The Toolkit is a companion resource to the sfCare Framework

The sfCare Framework provides a foundation for achieving the best possible outcomes for older adults. The Framework’s guiding principles and defining statements collectively describe what senior friendly care looks like. The sfCare Getting Started Toolkit helps bring this foundational vision to life by providing actionable recommendations and practical resources.

The Toolkit comprises:

  • An online self-assessment tool – to identify strengths and opportunities for the organization. The results will generate a report card, and the ability to compare results against a sector or all sectors.
  • Implementation resources – a curated package of tips and practical tools which can be used to inform action plans
  • Introduction to sfCare training modules – 5-minute videos for executives and staff with basic information such as what senior friendly care is, why it’s important, the needs of older adults, and what staff and executives can do to make a difference.

Click here to access the toolkit.

If you have any questions please contact Blair Philippi, Manager, Performance, 519-748-2222, Ext. 3219 

Decision Making Framework/Health Equity Impact Assessment

Across the province, LHINs have adopted a consistent "Priority Setting and Decision Making Framework" that will continue to guide the 14 organizations, as they engage with local stakeholders, to set local health care priorities and make decisions. The Framework was developed by a work group comprised of representatives from the LHINs, provincial health care associations including the Ontario Medical Association and Ontario Health Centres and front line providers from the long term care sector, the community care access sector, addictions and mental health, and community care.

Eight Guiding Principles are contained in the Framework to ensure that processes are transparent and publically accessible, that decisions are based on reasons that are relevant to fair-minded people and that decisions can be revisited and refined if more information becomes available.

In addition, LHINs are beginning to use a Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) Tool, a decision support tool which has been demonstrated to reduce health disparities and improve targeting of health care investments.

To access these documents, please click on the links below:

Health Service Providers are encouraged to use these resources to guide their own organizations.

Guidelines for Hospital Audits and Reviews

The guidelines for health service provider audits and reviews are intended to provide tools to support the LHINs in identifying HSP issues such as financial and performance and responding in a manner that is consistent and effective.

Guidelines for Community Health Service Provider Audits and Reviews

The Guidelines for Community Health Service Provider Audits and Reviews are intended to assist LHINs in undertaking a transparent process in identifying and responding effectively and consistently to Health Service Provider issues, such as organizational and financial health or performance.

Health Based Allocation Model

Service Delivery Change Form

Health service providers (HSP) funded by the Waterloo Wellington LHIN (WWHLIN) that are proposing changes to service volumes and/or financial/human resource allocations for a health care service that is funded by the WWLHIN or by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) are required to submit a service delivery change form (SDCF) to the WWLHIN.

Additional resource information: 

Acknowledging the Funding Support of the Waterloo Wellington LHIN

2016 Community Financial Policy English | French

Guide to French Language Health Services

Information on the commitment to improving access to high quality French language health services

SAA Local Obligation Reporting Tools - 2018-2019

SAA Reporting & Obligation Tools