French Language Services (FLS)

The local Francophone population is a diverse community. We focus on enhancing equitable access to health services for Francophone residents and improving French language access to mental health and addiction services, primary care, and home and community care services for seniors and newcomers. We work in partnership with our French Language Entity to ensure planning and services align with our French language priorities. 

Did you know?

  • There are 622,415 Francophones in Ontario.
  • Based on the new Inclusive Definition of Francophones (IDF), the WWLHIN is home to 12,410 French-speaking residents (this is 1.6% of the population). 
  • In 2009, Ontario introduced a new definition of the province's Francophone population to better reflect the evolution and diversity of Ontario's Francophone communities. For statistical purposes, Francophones were previously defined as only those whose mother tongue is French. This new inclusive definition captures those whose mother tongue is neither French nor English, but who have a particular knowledge of French as an Official Language and use French at home. This includes many recent immigrants to Ontario.
  • In the Waterloo Wellington LHIN immigrants represent 17% of the Francophone population.

Our Role

The Waterloo Wellington LHIN plans to promote French language health services and engage the French-speaking community in the process.

Services Available in French

Service / Program: Falls Prevention Program
Agency: Community Support Connections
Location:  Centre communautaire Francophone de Cambridge: 647 Franklin Blvd., Cambridge, ON N1R 7Z1
Phone: 519-772-8787 (Anglais)
Email: (Anglais)
Description: Learn to identify and address a wide range of factors that can cause falls at our Falls Prevention education sessions.
Date / Time: Mondays and Thursdays at 1 pm


Service / Program: Adult Day Services: Living Well
Agency: City of Cambridge
Location:  Fairview Mennonite Health Wellness Centre: 515 Langs Dr., Cambridge, ON N3H 5E4
Phone: Referrals through the LHIN 519-748-2222, Inquiry: 519-740-4681 ext. 4737
Website: (Anglais)
Description: Designed for more active and independent individuals who enjoy fitness (warm water therapy pool / conditioning room), socializing, games, music and activities.
Date / Time: Tuesdays 10 am - 4 pm
Cost:$26.50/ day


Service / Program: Golden Opportunities
Agency: City of Cambridge
Location:  William E. Pauleter  Centre:1145 Concession Rd., Cambridge, ON N3H 4L6
Phone: Referrals through the LHIN 519-748-2222, Inquiry: 519-740-4681 ext. 4737
Website: (Anglais)
Description: Designed for individuals who prefer less physical activity at a more relaxed pace while enjoying socializing, games, and musical entertainment. Personal care assistance is available, if needed.
Date / Time: Thursdays 9:30 am – 3 pm
Cost:$20.50/ day


Service / Program: Senior Centres Without Borders
Agency: City of Cambridge
Location:  N/A
Phone: 519-740-4681 ext. 4737
Website: (Anglais)
Description: Francophone support workers and volunteers will visit with Francophone seniors in long-term care homes..

Service / Program: Systems Navigation for Community Services
Agency: City of Cambridge
Location:  N/A 
Phone: 519-740-4681 ext. 4737
Website: (Anglais)
Description: Community systems navigation.
Date / Time: Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Service / Program: First Link Care Navigator
Agency: Alzheimer Society
Phone: Kitchener: 519-742-1422 ext. 2023, Cambridge: 519-650-1628 ext. 2023, Guelph: 519-836-7672 ext. 2023
Email: (Anglais), (Français)
Website: (Anglais)

  • Improve the ability of people with dementia and caregivers to access the right service and supports.
  • Support clients to navigate the system.
  • Create better linkages across primary care and community support services.
  • Follow the client throughout their journey with dementia with regularly scheduled follow-up with clients and community partners.
  • Counselling services.

Date / Time: Gisèle Hauser, MSW RSW Monday- Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Cost: Free

Check out the WWHealthline for more services.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is committed to improving access to high-quality French Language Health Services across the province. The passage of the Patients First Act, 2016 provided a solid framework for renewed partnership and brings increased focus on enhancing equity, cultural and linguistic sensitivity and the delivery of health care services to French-speaking patients, as well as strengthening patients’ and families’ voices in their health care planning. The Patient Family Advisory Committee includes a Francophone member. 

FLS infographic

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