Position Description   

We Value…acting in the best interest of our residents’ health and well-being

Date: January 2, 2017    

Job Title: Vice President, Health System Design, Integration & Population Health 

Reports To:  Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Anticipated Time Commitment and Term:  Full Time

Primary Location: Kitchener/Waterloo

The VP, Health System Design, Integration & Population Health provides leadership, direction and oversight for the development, implementation and evaluation of a more integrated health system with specific focus on planning. This position is responsible for the overall assessment of resident health care needs with a specific focus on population health needs and addressing inequities in health outcomes amongst the population.  The VP will lead the design of the health system, identification of integration opportunities and will translate the strategic priorities of the organization into achievable health program plans. The VP will have intimate knowledge of the local community and will be expert at building and leveraging strong relationships with community leaders, clinicians, health service provider staff, and WWLHIN staff to improve patient outcomes and the patient experience.


The mandate for this position is broad as is the agenda for business transformation at the organization. Moving to a high-performing, results-driven organization requires a leader who is both a highly effective, influential change agent and a high impact, emotionally-intelligent professional.  We are looking for someone with deep and significant ties to the Waterloo Wellington region and is well respected within it.  The incumbent is someone that comes with a strong political acuity of the area, its local needs and expectations and has relationships with key people across the business, political and health sectors.  Furthermore this is someone that has a track record of delivering results quickly to a CEO and Board and someone that sees their role at the VP level as making a meaningful contribution to the overall success of the organization and its leadership.


System Planning 

  • Leads the creation, implementation and monitoring of the Integrated Health Service Plan and Annual Business Plan. 
  • Leads the investigation of leading practices in other health systems in the world and leads the design of our local health system. 
  • Leads the identification of integration opportunities, capacity planning and service needs analysis to inform investments and integrations. 
  • Evaluates and reports on health care system integration and the impact improvements are having on the patient experience, develops and implements best practices and recommends changes to existing programs and allocation of funds. 
  • Leads the implementation of actions focused on improving population health, creating opportunities for good health for all and reducing avoidable and unjust differences in health in the population (health equity). 
  • Analyzes local health care system with a focus on equity and health outcomes to identify gaps and opportunities, initiating action to address local and provincial priorities. 

Relationship Building and Collaboration

  • Works closely with the VP, Clinical and VP, home and Community Care to ensure the alignment and linkages across sub-regions.
  • Partners with the Directors, Sub-LHIN Regions to ensure the alignment of regional and local planning and identification and implementation of sub-LHIN action plans including integrations, commissioning, new services, new models of care and other actions in each sub-region to make it easy for residents to get the care they need and get healthier.
  • Provides leadership in the promotion and strengthening of evidence-based approaches to decision-making within LHIN and the health system including the development of regional decision support capacity. 

Leadership and Management 

  • Champions a culture of acting in the best interests of our resident’s health and wellbeing.
  • Develops and implements a comprehensive succession to ensure appropriate successors are in place at all times for your role and all roles on your team.
  • Ensures oversight of individual and team performance enabling development of a high-performing organization.
  • Sets an example of open communication, transparency and accountability.
  • Works collaboratively and positively across all disciplines to achieve organizational goals and vision. 


For a full position profile please reach out to LHH Knightsbridge.


If you are interested in exploring this unique opportunity, please contact;

Collin MacLeod, Partner at LHH Knightsbridge by telephone at 416-928-4534 or by email at collin.macleod@lhhknightsbridge.com

Michelle Dhani, Research Consultant LHH Knightsbridge by telephone at 416-928-4533 or by email at michelle.dhani@lhhknightsbridge.com