Cancer Awareness Programs Including: Childhood cancer, Prostate cancer, Ovarian cancer and Blood cancer

The month of September is an opportunity to raise awareness and share stories of cancer patients and survivors of several forms of cancer including childhoods, prostate, ovarian and blood cancers.

Cancer is responsible for 30% of deaths in Canada – the leading cause according to the Canadian Cancer Society. It is also a complex group of more than 200 individual diseases. Treating cancer requires support, expert knowledge and skill from across all areas of the health system including public health, family physicians, oncologists, nurses, and pharmacists.

In Ontario, the provincial agency Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) is tasked with monitoring and improving cancer services across the province. CCO organizes treatment through a network of 14 cancer centres aligned with the 14 local health integration networks. These regional cancer centres are responsible for implementing provincial standards and programs for cancer care and responding to local issues, coordinating care across health care providers, and working to continually improve access to care, wait times and quality. 

The Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Centre is located within Grand River Hospital. Since 2003, the centre has provided radiation therapy to more than 7,300 patients and chemotherapy to more than 9,200 patients.

For more information on cancer care services in Waterloo Wellington, please contact:

Grand River Regional Cancer Centre 

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Waterloo Wellington LHIN marks September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by Celebrating Care Close to Home: Meet Ashton