Heart Month

In February of 1958, founders of the Heart and Stoke Foundation set out to raise $600,000 in support of heart research. The successful campaign began what is now nationally recognized as Heart Month. Every February, the Heart and Stoke Foundation, in partnership with health care providers and local volunteers, raise funds and awareness for cardiac health.

Waterloo Wellington is fortunate to have one of the most advanced cardiac centres in Canada. In 2001, St. Mary's Hospital became Ontario's 16th cardiac centre and today the facility is well recognized as a leader in providing cardiac services.

Over the years, the hospital has been at the forefront of innovation. In 2013, in partnership with the Cardiac Care Network of Ontario, Medtronic of Canada Ltd. and the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network, St. Mary’s launched a pilot project to introduce remote monitoring services for pacemaker patients at the YMCA in Guelph. Before the program launched, remote pacemaker monitoring had only been explored in Canada by one other hospital.

The ability for patients to have their pacemaker checked outside of the hospital reduces the number of visits for routine equipment checkups and saves an average of 2 hours per visit between travel and wait times. The program has been a great success. In the last 9 months, approximately 200 patients have signed up to have their routine pacemaker checks performed closer to home.

"You would think that because I am retired I would have all the time in the world, but I'm always busy.

This saves me at least an hour of travel time and more in the clinic.

They explained the technology very clearly and the process was very simple and easy." - Pacemaker Patient, 92

In keeping with their commitment to expanding services at the centre, plans are in the works to bring a Cardiac Arrhythmia program to the hospital in 2015.  

For more information on St. Mary’s Cardiac Care Centre or the remote monitoring program visit the St. Mary's Cardiac Care Centre website.