2016 Governor Quality Symposium Follow Up    

Leading Together - Committed to Quality: Governing Collaborative Quality Improvement

Leading Together – Committed to Quality: Governing Collaborative Quality Improvement Header

Nov 2: Agenda: Leading Together – Committed to Quality: Governing Collaborative Quality Improvement

Oct 24: Agenda: Leading Together – Committed to Quality: Governing Collaborative Quality Improvement


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Take the next step towards improving the health and well-being of our communities at an interactive, action-oriented session designed to facilitate the creation of a governance plan for collaborative quality improvement. 

At our Leading Together – Committed to Quality symposia this September, governors joined together to discuss the top priorities for quality improvement in each of the sub-regions across Waterloo Wellington. We heard from governors what quality means to them, and how working together has resulted in the greatest improvements to patient care locally. Those interested in leading the way forward for quality improvement in Ontario, to the benefit of our local residents, are invited to attend and will leave with a clear plan for how their organizations can come together to address a top quality priority. 

The sessions will feature a presentation by Lee Fairclough, Vice President for Quality Improvement at Health Quality Ontario on Collaborative Quality Improvement Plans (cQIP)and how boards can leverage these to achieve tangible change in the patient experience. We look forward to seeing you at the event.    

Invitees: Board members, including Board quality chairs (if applicable), CEOs/Executive Directors of primary care organizations, hospitals, home and community care, mental health and action agencies and long term care and organizational quality leads.  

Please attend the session in the area where your organization delivers most of its services. If you deliver services across sub-region areas please send representation to all of the appropriate session locations. A light dinner will be provided.

Get to know Lee Fairclough - HQO Vice President, Quality Improvement

Lee Fairclough Lee is the former Vice President of Strategy, Knowledge Management & Delivery at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, a national organization responsible for improving cancer control in Canada, after initially joining their executive team to establish the newly created organization. Lee also served as the Director of the first Toronto Regional Cancer Programme, as well as the Director of Informatics and the Clinical Research Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital. Read More

Lee's Presentation: Overview of the Provincial Quality Landscape: How can we improve quality together?


Governor Quality Symposium 2016: Leading Together - Committed to Quality

In the fall of 2016 governors gathered for an interactive, action-oriented session aimed to create a high quality, integrated health system for residents. At the Quality symposium they heard from the Ministry, Health Quality Ontario (HQO) and the LHIN on the provincial and local quality landscape. Lee Fairclough, Vice President, HQO provided a key-note address, leaving time for governor and HQO discussion. Click here for full event details.

Governor Engagement, November 2015 and January 2016

In November 2015 and January 2016, Governors and Leadership of Health Service Providers gathered to discuss how to achieve a truly integrated local health system.

Governance Symposia, March 18-20, 2014

Below are materials and notes from the three sessions that were held March 18, 19, and 20 in Waterloo Wellington. For more information, please connect with a member of the WWLHIN Board, or waterloowellington@lhins.on.ca.